Meet our Charitable Partner: QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

Maybe it’s a little ironic to be riding round the world for a mental health issue but understand that Laws and I are wired a little different… makes perfect sense to us. Mum, Dad, Laws and I have kicked off fundraising with a $10,000 donation and we’re quietly hopeful that the broader community will get behind us. All funds raised go toward the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute Charity for depression related research. Please visit our Everyday Hero page to make a donation.

Our family visited QIMR Berghofer to meet key personnel yesterday. We can confirm that they’re not hangdog faced, frizzy haired, test tube holding, lab coat wearing, socially awkward types (although maybe they were hidden)… just really, really smart people working toward breakthroughs in mental health issues. The Director and CEO, Professor Frank Gannon, and others gave us a better understanding of how our raised funds will be used. The Research Coordinator, Professor Michael Breakspear, gave us some insight into the various research being undertaken. Fortunately these guys have a knack for keeping things suitably dumbed down so we could follow. It was also made clear to us that QIMR Berghofer are collaborative with other mental health institutions from around the world. We left feeling warm and fuzzy knowing that we’re kicking off the right charitable partnership for us… Heidi would be proud 🙂

QIMR Research Coordinator, Professor Michael Breakspear, taking the time to explain stuff

QIMR Director, Professor Frank Gannon, hitting it off with The Reid Family