The DR650 is arguably the best platform for reliability, simplicity, versatility and economy… not performance 🙂 A DR650 adventure motorbike template is detailed in the worksheet below (to be refined as we learn more). The template shown is for a BRAND NEW FARKLED setup. A SECOND HAND BUDGET setup would cost much, much, much less.

Start researching and you will discover that farkle is limitless on this bike. Just make sure you stick to the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid! Before you do any spending, we suggest you think of your desired setup on a spectrum between the following two extremes.

  1. At the GUCCI end of the spectrum
    – Imagine writing the bike off? The possible scenarios are many… things get laid over somehow and you watch your bike sail over a drop-off. Do you want your platform to have been a $30k BMW? Maybe you’re loaded and money is no issue. Don’t let a written off bike be the end of your trip.
    – Imagine being the ONLY whitey rolling into a far-flung village somewhere. You already stand out like dog’s balls… don’t add to it looking all bling!
    – Finally, a good test is to push your bike over and pick it up without grimace. Two reasons: 1) you NEED to be able to pick up your own loaded bike… sounds common sense but many riders out there can’t; and 2) if you’re antsy about your bike falling over then you’re being too precious!
  2. At the CRAP end of the spectrum
    – Imagine you are in a dangerous situation? Sooner or later THIS WILL HAPPEN. Maybe it’s getting dark and road pirates come out at night. The possible scenarios are many… point is you don’t want any fuss when you push the ON button and twist the GO tube. We PROMISE you will wish you spent the $5k on the platform with 5,000 commuter kms instead of $2k on the farmer’s old paddock bike.
    – Finally, remember that this is your HOME. You need to remain inspired to keep on straddling this thing!

Ultimately we reckon a MECH A1 BUSH-PIG looking thing is the way to go 🙂

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