Send Off !

Channel 7 News Story

Our Send Off from QIMR Berghofer on Tuesday 17th March 2015 blew us away! We had no expectations – maybe some high fives from Professor Michael Breakspeare and his team – then hit the road. Nek minnit we’re signing lids and lined up in front of a Channel 7 News camera with an enthusiastic crowd all around. Our eyes were falling our of our heads – it had been a big few weeks and we’d been up all night sorting out loose ends – hopefully we appeared relatively switched on.

We couldn’t help but reflect on the evolution of our endeavour as we hit the Warrego. We weren’t originally comfortable with the idea of putting Heidi up in the lights – we dearly wanted her to be remembered for the amazing person that she was – but was this the way to do it? We made some excuses for not doing it but the truth was that we were scared sh^tless of screwing up and turning the whole thing into a tacky affair. Fortunately the exact opposite has evolved. The response from the broader community has been amazing – so many other sad stories with so many people keen to get behind QIMR Berghofer and what they hope to achieve.

We also had a Send Off Day on Saturday 7th March for anyone interested in saying gday and checking out what QIMR Berghofer are up to. We were at The Plough Inn on South Bank all day and then The Archive in West End for the evening. Laws and I are both terrible at asking for help so luckily our mate Maritza offered to organise the whole show – we would have been stuffed without her. One photo we missed – sweat pouring out of us as we responsibly pushed our bikes from The Plough to The Archive.